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GoMedia Awards illuminate CTC's premier annual media event

Print Press Release
12 Sep 2013

Master travel storytellers in print, blogs, photos and videos take a deserved bow alongside PR excellence.

 Cue drum roll: the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has wrapped up the 10th anniversary of its premier annual media event in fine style. The GoMedia Canada Marketplace awards dinner took place Sept. 11 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, PEI.

 The dinner, cohosted by Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba in readiness for next year's GoMedia, had a James Bond theme. Actors dressed as famous characters from the Bond movies mingled with the crowd, while the menu featured Octopussy salad, Thunderball chicken and You Only Live Twice cheesecake.

 Put the martinis to one side: here are this year's perfect 10:

This passionate but economically written piece captured judge Jian Ghomeshi's imagination. “A simple account of the sheer power of local food and the significance of place,” noted Ghomeshi. “Her story made my mouth water for oysters and my heart yearn for Tofino. It also serves as a reminder that tourism can be about a culinary adventure that is not just ordering off a menu at every stop.”